Virtual Blues Evolution

Musicians, singers, songwriters, and children of all ages from all parts of the world, think on this. We are living in an age when music production has become global and is no longer the exclusive domain of the large music conglomerates and their heavily promoted major recording artists. Because of the greater availability of very high quality yet affordable recording equipment, the preponderance of musicians owning home recording studios, the universality of midi, and with the increasing popularity and accessibility of Internet communications, few restrictions remain on the creation, recording, and promotion of independent music. Likewise, there no longer exists even the requirement of physical proximity in the formation and development of musical affiliations. The whole world has really become a musical playground.

During the recording of the first Blues Evolution project, instrumentalists and singers joined the group from various far-flung locations across the United States. Even the principal producers were living on opposite coasts much of the time. Most of the players never met, yet the combination of this wealth of musical excellence resulted in a cohesive and exceptional production. And it was as a result of those fabulously productive experiments that the idea for an ACTUAL virtual band developed. That is, a group and a resulting production that comes together primarily through means of distance collaboration. We called it Inspired and it became the second Blues Evolution release.

We are always seeking new friends to join us in our journey and if you find the music of Blues Evolution up your alley, I hope you will reach out to us. Whether songwriter, instrumentalist, arranger or singer, please contact us and let’s see where things lead.

For the next Blues Evolution project, the goal is to develop worldwide liaisons with extremely talented people possessing a diversity of skills. You will be offered carte blanche to contribute anything, absolutely anything, that pleases you. Depending upon your background, current circumstances, and musical aspirations; the Blues Evolution may be the most suitable vehicle for you to realize your musical vision.

It should be remembered however, that, at least in some very loose sense, Blues Evolution is a Blues group. Still, for some, the term Blues is a very expansive concept and, after all, the intention of the Blues Evolution is to expand the boundaries of the Blues and to be a catalyst in the evolution of Blues music. Generally therefore, stylistic concerns are secondary. The primary criterion for inclusion in the project is creativity and musical excellence.

Give a listen to the music of Blues Evolution and if you feel inclined to participate on an upcoming Virtual Blues Evolution project contact us at our website. We would love to hear from you!